Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is designed to keep your fitness equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication, and inspection. Beginning a preventative maintenance program in the first few months after delivery of new equipment will help prolong the life of your new equipment even after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Most manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance be performed on a quarterly basis at minimum.

Preventative Maintenance increases the lifespan of your fitness equipment, prolongs the life of high-wear parts, helps limit potential liability arising from part failure, and helps your equipment function more quietly and smoothly.

During each preventative maintenance visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, tested for full functionality, thoroughly cleaned in the interior, and lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturer’s specifications. Upon completion of the Preventative Maintenance an estimate will be provided for any parts that are found to be defective, or if your equipment is still under warranty, any parts that are needed will be ordered through your manufacturer.

PM Procedures

Cardio Machines

• Test all functions for proper operation
• Inspect and adjust running and/or drive belts
• Vacuum interiors
• Clean running belt and inspect deck on treadmills
• Clean under covers and hard to reach frame parts
• Clean and grease incline motor
• Inspect/clean elliptical wheels and ramps
• Inspect rollers and bearings; grease as needed
• Check error logs and address errors as needed
• Lubricate chains as needed
• Check all electrical connections
• Check battery on ellipticals and bikes
• Dust off exterior of unit

Strength Machines

• Clean and lubricate guide rods
• Grease fittings as needed
• Check bushings
• Tighten any loose nuts and bolts
• Tighten pop pin handles and test spring strength
• Check upholstery for tears or excessive wear
• Adjust top plates and selector pins as needed
• Check cables/belts for fraying & proper tension
• Check functionality of machine for safety

* We Only Use OEM Approved Cleaning & Lube Products*